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Samui Elephant Kingdom

Sustainability Program

Help us to “Build a better world” where we act locally to make an impact globally.

We invite everyone to take action in improving our world . Chokchai Rueangsri, the founder of Samui Elephant Kingdom, encourages us to see the “WORLD” as three main elements: humans, animals, and environment.

In order to achieve our sustainable world goals, we are running several initiatives:


SEK Education Program (คิด) Ruk Chang (คิด-รัก-ช้าง)โครงการเด็กจากโรงเรียน

We aim to share and raise awareness of elephants to children and young people, providing an outdoor learning space and hands-on  experience in the sanctuary. We will share more about how elephants have played a vital role in Thai culture for centuries and how at SEK we are now helping these endangered animals live a more naturalistic life free from exploitation.

Plastic-Free and Zero-waste Kingdom Sanctuary:

Samui Elephant Kingdom is working towards a plastic free and zero waste environment. To do this, we need everyone’s help in sorting the waste around the area of Samui Elephant Kingdom. Once you toss the plastic into the provided-bin, it will be transformed into amazing products such as Jewelry, Coasters, tissue boxes, or Pencil cases.

All profits from the sale of these products in our souvenir shop will be donated to Southern Thailand Elephant Foundation (STEF), an elephant charity dedicated to elephant health and welfare.

Plastic Waste.jpg

Bird Shelters

Our “Bird Shelter”project  aims to build safe shelters protected from the elements and predators for Samui’s local birds. We would love you to help us create a better world by building bird houses and hanging them in the trees around our 20 acre sanctuary.

Green Lung Elephant Sanctuary

Samui Elephant Kingdom has more than 900 trees. Elephants particularly love trees for a number of reasons including to rub against when they need to scratch an itch, or to shelter under when the sun is beating down.  In the wild, elephants are one of the main seed dispersers in forests and jungles. Here at SEK we hope to create an environment that matches as near as we can, the natural biodiversity that an elephant is used to.


Planting more trees at SEK helps not just the elephants and local biodiversity  but humans too. Absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen back into the air, trees also help improve the quality of the air we breathe.  We also know that when surrounded by trees and nature, people feel much less stressed. 


Spending time on our 400 metre aerial walkway, breathing in good air quality whilst watching our herd in their most naturalistic environment can seriously be good for your health.

Photographer Nikonorov-5.jpg

Join us at SEK as we build biodiversity through our sustainability program. Let us together become aware of our impact on the world around us and take steps to lessen that impact for future generations.

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